Analytics +
Creative Insight = Business Success

Data Karma brings creative insight to analytics. Focused on our clients’ business success, we are data scientists and engineers who build systems to deliver actionable insights.


Technical skills,
creative problem solving.

Whether you are centralizing data for the first time, building a suite of dashboards to support operational decision making, or creating a multi-touch attribution model to optimize marketing spend, Data Karma delivers the technical skills and creative problem solving needed to produce business results.

Our Services.

Data Karma’s clients achieve breakthrough business results through better decision making and deeper insights powered by data. We implement the technology that drives these results by building data pipelines, warehouses, dashboards, and machine learning solutions.


Data Pipelines

Data Karma integrates all your data using modern, off-the-shelf, tools like Fivetran and dbt. We configure the pipes and transform the data into a common structure, creating a foundation for data-driven decision making.


Dashboard UX
and Implementation

Over the years, we’ve built thousands of dashboards - enough to learn that user experience (UX) can be as important as the data in driving business success. We combine hard won experience with powerful tools like Looker to implement the powerful dashboards you need to manage your business.


Data Modeling
and Warehousing

Our data modeling experts create database designs that can support the analytics your business needs. Using cloud-based data warehousing platforms like Google BigQuery or Snowflake, we deliver data efficiently to everyone who needs it.


Machine Learning
and Statistical Modeling

Whether you need a machine learning solution or a custom model, we have data scientists and MIT trained PhDs who can get the job done. We integrate advanced technology with intuitive dashboards to deliver deeper insight and smarter decisions.

Technologies we love.

Client success is our top priority. At Data Karma, technology provides the tools we use to deliver that success. As the big data revolution continues, new technologies have been created that make it easier and more economical to deliver powerful solutions to our clients. Some of the favorites in our toolbelt are Fivetran, dbt, Snowflake, BiqQuery, and Looker.


Fivetran provides over 150 connectors to the most commonly used databases and business applications. While there are a lot of connector companies out there, we’ve found that the Fivetran is in a league by itself for reliability, power, and ease-of-use.


Google BigQuery is a cloud data warehouse platform with similar features to Snowflake, in addition to the advantage of being part of the Google Cloud platform. For clients who are partial to the Google platform, Google Cloud is our recommendation.


dbt (“Data Build Tool) is the kind of product that we wish we had invented. It’s the most powerful data transformation environment built on the ubiquitous language of data - SQL. dbt is leading a revolution in data transformation by bringing software development best practices like version control and unit tests to data. On top of all that, it’s open source.


Looker is our favorite BI platform because it enables powerful data visualization and dashboard, while also enabling business users to do their own data exploration. It combines an intuitive user interface that supports great dashboard UX, with the powerful LookML language that data geeks like us can use to hide database complexity and deliver data into the right structure for every application.


Snowflake brings data warehousing to the cloud, with scalability, per-use pricing, and zero administration. Add to that a well-designed user experience, and Snowflake is a favorite for delivering big data to our clients quickly and reliably.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Data Karma built out our entire data integration, warehouse, and dashboarding platform. As a result, we’ve been able to transform our company into a data-driven organization. Highly recommended!”

Geoff Baird
CEO edcura-logo

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